Concrete & materials testing

Half Cell Potential:

Measures the electrical current given off by corroding steelwork.
Carried out using equipment which satisfies the requirements of BS1881:Part 201 & ASTM C876.

Diamond Drilling:

To extract concrete cores for compressive strength tests.
Can also be carried out to provide pipework access.

Cover Surveys:

Tests are made to accurately locate, orientate and measure the depth of cover over reinforcement bars using a an Electromagnetic Cover Meter.

Dust Sampling:

For Chlorides, Sulphates & Cement content.
Involves removal of concrete dust samples for laboratory analysis.

Schmidt Hammer Testing:

A non-destructive method of testing the surface hardness of concrete.

Carbonation Test:

To determine carbonation depth using phenolphthalein solution.

Break outs to expose steel:

For visual inspection of corrosion and to establish dimensions of steel reinforcement within concrete.

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